Wedding FAQ

Most questions you have will be answered in the Wedding Planner you will receive when you book your wedding cruise. However below are some answers to basic questions you may have.

General Questions

How much does a cruise cost?
Please contact our Wedding Sales Consultant to create a customized wedding package.

How do I reserve a yacht?
Our cruise consultants will provide you with a Charter Agreement. As soon as that is returned to us with a deposit, the date is reserved for you!

How much is the deposit?
25% of the proposal amount is due to reserve the date. If your event is less then 90 days away, 50% will be required to hold the date.

When is the final payment due?
The final payment is due 14 days prior to the cruise.

Can I hold the yacht for a few days until I decide to book it?
Yes, your salesperson can put a “Right of First Refusal” (RFR) on the yacht for a few days. HOWEVER, if another party is ready to book the yacht, you will have 24 hours to either put up a deposit and sign a Charter Agreement or release the date. The salesperson will try to reach you however if they are unsuccessful, the date will be released to the other party.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel your cruise or change the date or time of your cruise the following amount will be retained by Lake Travis Yachts as liquidated damages: 0 to 30 days prior to cruise—75% of Guaranteed Total (Proposal Amount, if no guarantee was given)
31 to 90 days prior to cruise—50% of Proposal Amount
Over 90 days prior to cruise—25% of Proposal Amount

When can we board the yacht?
Guests may board the yacht thirty minutes prior to departure or the start of the ceremony. The yacht returns fifteen minutes prior to the end of the cruise to allow for disembarkation of the guests. An overtime charge will be assessed if passengers have not departed in the allotted time.

Can we decorate the yacht?
Yes. The yacht will be available to decorate one hour prior to the guests arriving. No sticky tape, confetti, thumb tacks or other items that damage the yacht finish or require extra clean up. You are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of any decorations. Clean-up of decorations must be completed within ½ hour after the end of the cruise. A “set up and/or clean up fee” will be assessed if the crew’s assistance is required. Lake Travis Yachts must approve of any decorations you have planned for your event.

Where does the yacht leave from?
The yachts depart from Lake Travis Yachts’ Marina. Boarding at other docks in on Lake Travis requires an additional dockage fee.

Where does the yacht cruise?
The yacht typically goes up Lake Travis for a perfect sunset cruise.

What If It Rains?
As much as we wish we could, we can’t control the weather. But we’ve done the next best thing. Our yacht is climate controlled.

What if the weather is too bad to cruise?
There are only a few days a year when it might be unsafe to leave the dock due to high winds. In that case, the vessel would remain dockside yet the party would continue as normal. Usually however it is just a cold front passing through and the Captain might wait 15-30 minutes to let it pass before leaving the dock.

Wedding Questions

Where does the Bride get ready?
In the lower deck there is a master stateroom and a lounge.

Where do the Groom and the Groomsmen wait prior to the ceremony?
On the yacht.

What does the Wedding Coordinator do?
The Wedding Coordinator will make sure that the yacht is set up properly for your wedding and that the wedding and reception go according to plan. She is also responsible for coordinating the rehearsal (if one is requested). The Wedding Coordinator is there to serve as the liaison between you and the Cruise Director and the rest of the crew. If you want her to keep you on schedule, let her know. If you decide to relax and skip a few activities, let her know that as well. It is your special day, please communicate your desires.

When do I get my Wedding Planner?
Once you book a cruise with Lake Travis Yachts, your salesperson will email your Wedding Planner.

When do I send Lake Travis Yachts my completed Wedding Planner?
Please fax or email the required pages of your Wedding Planner three weeks prior to your wedding. Your Salesperson and Wedding Coordinator will review your Planner and call with any questions.

Do I get a wedding rehearsal?
Yes. Please contact your salesperson to schedule one. The rehearsal will need to be scheduled when the yacht is available.

What is not included in the Wedding Packages?
The biggest item we do not offer is stationary items. Invitations, place cards, programs, and menus are the most popular items brides book outside of our services.

Where is the ceremony held?
The ceremony is held on the yacht at your desired locatoin.

What should we throw for the “going away line”?
Bubbles, rose petals, and birdseeds are our recommended items. We can provide any of those items.