The 5 Best Winter Margaritas


Monday, February 22nd, was National Margarita Day, so we thought we’d share our five favorite winter margarita recipes along with some fête-chic ways to serve them at your next fiesta. While stories abound about who actually invented the margarita, we’re chalking it up to a salty Texas socialite named Margarita Sames who created it in 1948 at her Acapulco villa. Regardless of who kicked things off, with Americans consuming an average of 185,000 margaritas per hour (source: Brown Forman), we don’t need a straw poll to tell us that it’s one of the most ordered cocktails in the country. It may still be winter, but these five tantalizing takes on the sweet and sour classic are sure to get things muy caliente. And don’t forget to add some spice to how you serve your margaritas — they look as chic in a Champagne coupe or tumbler as they do in a traditional margarita glass.

Source: The 5 Best Winter Margaritas

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Hi-de-ho, babycakes. Come on in and meet our fabulous friend, Lulu, also known as “The Entertainologist.” In addition to being one of the country’s most inventive celebrity chefs and event designers – her clients have included luminaries from Madonna and Herb Ritts to US presidents – she’s the best-selling author of Lulu Powers: From Food to Flowers, and House Beautiful‘s newest columnist. Trust me, this L.A. lady’s natural beauty, colorful personality and bohemian flair are as intoxicating as her “sneekies,” Lulu’s pet name for giggle water. Go ahead, doll, grab your sneeky and join the fun. Lulu’s spilling the beans about how to cook up a fresh, fun and fanciful fête and you’re not going to want to miss one delicious morsel.

The Salonniere chats with “The Entertainologist,” Lulu Powers

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