Here’s what it costs to rent in Austin’s most popular neighborhoods

We already know that the Austin housing market is hot, hot, hot, and it looks like the local rental market is just as steamy. The most recent report from Zumper outlines Austin’s rental landscape by mapping out which areas of the city are the most and least expensive for renters.

Source: Here’s what it costs to rent in Austin’s most popular neighborhoods

Forbes boldly declares Austin America’s next boomtown

Texas is the land of opportunity, and Austin is leading the charge, according to Forbes, which has named Austin America’s next boomtown.

Forbes analyzed the 53 largest metro areas in the country to determine which have the best chance of prospering in the next decade. The numbers illustrate two different kinds of cities: Technology hubs with higher incomes and an influx of educated young people and what Forbes calls “opportunity cities,” which have more industry options, more families, and lower costs.

Austin, ranked No. 1, belongs to the former group. Surges in population, job growth, and education levels contribute to our boomtown status. Notes Forbes, Austin experienced a 13.2 percent population increase from 2010 to 2014, and 43 percent of the current population ages 25 to 44 have at least a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the local job count has grown by 19.1 percent in the past five years.
Source: Forbes boldly declares Austin America’s next boomtown

A Letter to 24-Year-Old Me on My Wedding Day

Are you happy?

Truly, undeniably, happy?

I know you feel like you are. It’s a beautiful February day, on that villa overlooking Lake Travis, with a crowd of family and friends gushing over your dress selection. You typically hate attention of all kinds, but today it feels alright. Manageable. That third glass of champagne may have something to do with it, but as your Maid of Honor keeps saying repeatedly, this is your day.

So drink up.

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Classic 1960 “Chris Craft” yacht gets new life

A 65-year-old classic relic from a more glamorous era is being brought to life again.

A 1960 Chris Craft mahogany yacht that had been in dry dock at Pelican Perch Marina in Warrington since 2002 is on the water again. The 55-foot Chris Craft Constellation-class boat was lowered into Bayou Chico a week ago, and should set course for its new home in Texas within two weeks.

“They’re special, but you just don’t see them anymore and when you do, it’s rare,” said Bill Guttmann, sales manager at Pelican Perch Marina, formerly Brown’s Marina. “Most people thought this boat would never see water again.”

But owners Casey and Shelle Seidl of Rockport, Texas, are determined to make the 55-foot Chris Craft boat a home.

The couple purchased the Chris Craft in August after seeing it for sale on an online boat sales site.

The Seidls saw the craft for sale seven years ago, but it was sold before they could purchase it themselves. The family, which includes the couple’s young daughter, have previously owned two Chris Craft boats, whose high-end vessels were owned by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin and Katherine Hepburn. The company’s reputation was built on high-end craftsmanship and exquisite mahogany hulls. The company still exists but phased out its wooden boats in 1971.

Casey Seidl said he rode on his first Chris Craft when he was 8 years old.

“I just loved everything about it,” he said. “That wood smell. The quality of work. It stuck in my body.”

The Chris Craft was brought to the marina in 2002, and the owner had planned to refurbish it, but never finished completely.

Then, it was sold to two other owners before Seidl purchased it for an unnamed price.

“They seem to have the skills, the experience and the interest to fix it up like it needs to be fixed up,” Guttmann said. “But it runs now.”

“When you get up close, you can see the imperfections,” he said. “We have a lot of work to do.”

Still, the boat is seaworthy and will get them to Texas now, he said.

Once home, the family plans to spend a year renovating the vessel, hoping to return it to its original luster and condition.

Casey Seidl estimated it will cost $25,000 to bring the boat back to its original condition.

Then, it will be more than a diversion. And it certainly won’t sit abandoned and neglected.

“Our daughter is home-schooled,” he said. “We plan to live on it.”

1960 classic yacht restored after decade of neglect

Source: Classic 1960 “Chris Craft” yacht gets new life

Lake Wedding Ideas | Vintage Boat Tour for the Bride and Groom

Rent a classic wooden boat for your wedding.

There’s something so utterly romantic about a bride and groom arriving in a beautifully restored wooden boat. These vintage classics have an air of nostalgia, an elegance that almost takes your breath away. As a wedding planner, I’m always excited when a couple opts to arrive by boat because I know it will add so much to the wedding experience (and the photos!).

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Dinner Party Checklist

Hi-de-ho, babycakes. Come on in and meet our fabulous friend, Lulu, also known as “The Entertainologist.” In addition to being one of the country’s most inventive celebrity chefs and event designers – her clients have included luminaries from Madonna and Herb Ritts to US presidents – she’s the best-selling author of Lulu Powers: From Food to Flowers, and House Beautiful‘s newest columnist. Trust me, this L.A. lady’s natural beauty, colorful personality and bohemian flair are as intoxicating as her “sneekies,” Lulu’s pet name for giggle water. Go ahead, doll, grab your sneeky and join the fun. Lulu’s spilling the beans about how to cook up a fresh, fun and fanciful fête and you’re not going to want to miss one delicious morsel.

The Salonniere chats with “The Entertainologist,” Lulu Powers

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Boat rentals float the Airbnb business model

Days before boarding a plane to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., resident Jonathan Benny has already made the call to Reuben Pasandi for his boat in Newport Beach.

Benny works in property management and splits his time between both cities. And whenever he is on the West Coast, Benny is likely to be on Pasandi’s boat, cruising around the Newport Beach Harbor or heading to Catalina. Here, he can cruise to Emerald Bay to bask in the sun or park his boat at a waterfront restaurant where a server will take his order at the vessel and bring the food to him.

“I’m on a boat 98% of the time I’m in California,” said the East Coast native, who found Pasandi two years ago through the online rental booking platform GetMyBoat, a kind of Airbnb for boats.

Source: Boat rentals float the Airbnb business model

​Artistry on the water: Wooden motorboats

Take a ride aboard some classic, sleek vessels that hark back to a more elegant (mari)time

Cruising in class on a shimmering lake is one good way to beat the heat — and with Conor Knighton now will be doing just that:

It’s a classic sound and sight of summer: A mahogany-clad motor boat, sleek and powerful, cutting across a pristine lake … an ambassador of a bygone era.

For fans of these elegant craft, it’s not about getting from point A to point B. There’s a material difference.

“Your boat is out on the lake and the lake is surrounded by woods. There are no fiberglass trees!” says Matt Smith, who runs, a website devoted to the joys of classic wooden boats. “Your wooden boat has permission form the lake to be there!”

“They’re beautiful. They’re absolutely stunning. It is really like a Steinway, you know? It’s a grand piano on the water.”

Source: Artistry on the water: Wooden motorboats

27 Wedding Trends We Have to Look Forward to In 2016

If you’re getting married in 2016, your wedding planning is probably well under way. So many of the wedding trends that will pop up over the next 12 months are already in the works. Which means the vendors making them happen can tell us what to expect from 2016 weddings. Sometimes their trend prediction differ—Will weddings be bright? Or muted?—but we’re excited to see who’s right.

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