History museums to open for season in Algonac

When the Algonac/Clay Township Historical Society was gifted a building from Fifth Third Bank at 1117 St. Clair River Drive in 2012, they inherited an enormous undertaking. If it weren’t for the group’s love of local history, they may have declined the offer.

Today, the old historic bank is new, improved and revamped into an attractive showcase of historic relics. The Maritime Museum is now in its fourth year of ownership by the Algonac/Clay Township Historical Society, the group’s President Terry Wallis said.

“This building started out with just the main room open,” he said. “The next year, we opened the second room and we now have three rooms open.”

Source: The Voice

New water release rules put an end to unlimited supply

A new Water Management Plan now lets the Lower Colorado River Authority limit downstream water releases at any time, no matter how much water is in the Highland Lakes including Lake Travis.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved the new Water Management Plan from the Lower Colorado River Authority Wednesday. It lets the LCRA now limit the amount of water it releases at all times, no matter how much water is in Lakes Travis and Buchanan.

The last Water Management Plan was approved in 2010. The TCEQ says their scientists had been collaborating with the LCRA on new science used to make new calculations.

The 2010 plan let the LCRA start restricting when water can be released when the storage of Lakes Travis and Buchanan fell below 1.4 million acre feet (70 percent full). It would be completely cut off after capacity fell below 600,000 acre feet (30 percent full; lower than the lakes have ever been).

Source: New water release rules put an end to unlimited supply