America’s 5 Greatest Party Lakes

Lake vacations were once about the blob, your Miller High Life-drinking uncle’s legendary Buddha-belly flop, and the awkward muscle-shirt tan. Now, it’s all “I’m On A Boat,” bikinis, kegs, and debaucherous mayhem.

World-record boat tie-ups, yachts that cost six-figures, and double-decker party barges have turned the lake scene into one summer-long spring break. But before you pack the wakeboard and Confederate flag swim floaties, know that not every podunk pond is party central. No, some are wilder than others.

And these 10… well, they’re the wildest America has to offer.

Source: America’s 5 Greatest Party Lakes

Couple quit jobs, sell house and blow wedding budget on a boat to sail the world

They packed up their lives to sail the world. Sometimes it’s not worth waiting for “ready”.

This time last year Charlie Smith and her fiance, who goes by the name “Captain”, were renovating houses for a living and planning their wedding.

By May, they had sold their home, quit their jobs, and blown their entire wedding budget on a sailing boat to explore the world on the high seas.

The couple have been making their way around the Mediterranean in their floating home ever since, stopping off in France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands.

“We knew we didn’t have nearly enough sailing experience to undertake such a feat but we did it anyway,” she said.

Source: The Kiwi model and her ‘Captain’