Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show

It is that time of year that we all look forward to; boat show season. Why do we love it? We have all been without out our boats for the past couple of months and we still have a couple of months to go before we are hitting the water again. Boat shows help to break up the long winter and keep boating on our minds.

The Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show is starting today (January 16) and running through the 19th. The show attracts more than 9,000 guests and this year the show has been expanded to include more exhibits. Parking is easier than ever with valet parking provided by Central Texas Valet available on Trinity Street close to 4th Street Friday evening, All Day Saturday, All day Sunday. The price is $16. There are also 2 city garages within one block.

Tickets for the Austin Boat and Travel Trailer show are:

Adults- $10

Seniors & Children 7-12 – $5

Children under 7- Free

Come on out this weekend; we will be waiting for you at the Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show.

Austin Boat and Travel Trailer Show

Keeping Your Fillet Knife Sharp

When you catch that beautiful fish that you are excited to stick on the dinner table that night, you don’t want to mess up that beautiful piece of meat when you fillet it just because your knife isn’t sharp enough. Here we will talk about how to keep that fillet knife sharp so you will always have a perfect cut of meat.

Getting The Burr

The burr is a wire edge that forms across the blade opposite of what you are sharpening. Your job is not finished until you can see or feel the burr.

The Edge Bevel

Most kitchen knives have a 20-degree edge bevel. For filleting, an edge bevel of 12 to 15 degrees per side provides a clean easy cut and reasonable resistance to dulling. If you don’t cut bone, monofilament or bait with your fillet knife, a 15-degree bevel will be okay for you to use.

Set The Bevel

The easiest way to figure out what angle to set the bevel would be to stack two quarters high. Using this method is not exact, but it gets you pretty close.

To Push or To Pull

We each have those friends who swear by pulling the knife across the stone, and those who swear by pushing. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Both ways are just as effective. What does matter, is that the spine moves ahead of the edge. So, just make sure to angle it.


Draw the blade across the stone, sweeping it from heel to tip as you go. Once you have a full-length burr, sharpen to create a burr on the other side. Finish with blade-first strokes, like slicing a sliver from the stone, until the burr disappears.

Keeping your fillet knife sharp is important and now you have the tools and know how to do it saving you time and money.

Keeping Your Fillet Knife Sharp