Lake Travis Luxury Yacht Reunion Party Boat Rental

Most families find themselves rushing between work, school, various lessons, sports programs, orthodontist appointments and a myriad of other activities that make it difficult for extended family to connect and spend “quality” time together.


A typical family reunion involves so much work – cooking, cleaning up, planning activities, making sleeping arrangements – that, at times, it can distract from the family fun.

The solution is a FAMILY REUNION in the blue waters of Lake Travis!

A crewed charter is the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.

If you are looking for a family get-together that is fun and exciting, (but will not break your budget), then let Lake Travis Yachts arrange the best family reunion ever!

These charters have some of the best crews in Austin! Their gourmet meals are especially designed around your tastes, without the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning. Enjoy all of the water activities that your crew has to offer.

A family reunion at sea is the perfect way for family members to relax and enjoy their time together, especially if you have a crewed yacht charter!

Since you are on a charter, it is neutral territory. Family members will not feel like they are imposing or inconveniencing someone who is hosting a reunion at their home.

A crewed yacht charter is affordable and flexible. You will know your costs before you ever step aboard. All meals, snacks and activities are included in the price.


{image} Spacious staterooms, main salons, private heads and showers, as well as roomy cockpits and open deck spaces assure you that your reunion can be as big or as small as you wish.

With a crewed charter, your attentive captain and chef will look after your each and every need.

There is just not an easier way to host a reunion! There is absolutely nothing to worry about, except having fun! You never have to think about chores and preparing large meals! Your crew is always there making sure everything is ship-shape and prepared for you and your family.

The best part of a Lake Travis family reunion is the activities. A reunion on the lake offers something for everyone, regardless of age.

The variety of activities onboard and in the water, is perfect for families that want to do activities together or by themselves.

Spend time talking, laughing or playing games with family members in the roomy salons or cockpits, or just relax onboard while sunbathing.

Children and grandparents alike will enjoy the interactions with relatives that come from a Lake Travis Yacht charter!


Your family will be brought even closer together from the results of creating these family memories that will last a lifetime!

So gather up your family and get ready for the family get-together of your dreams!