Best sunsets in Austin Tx

Is this your first visit to Austin, you are going to have a real treat and expect to see an amazing Austin sunset or two.

Doing a little homework is important to see Austin sunset points. This is very important that no visitor should miss, be it your first time or not. In this way, you can steer clear of the tourist traps and enjoy the sunset in Austin.

The Oasis: The Oasis is widely accepted to be the perfect spot to watch the sunset in Austin. This is also agreed by the locals. Of course, the location is scenic, but has overpriced drinks, bad food and includes a long drive. Yet, if you are set on enjoying one of the best sunsets in Austin tx, this is the right location.

Covert Park at Mt. Bonnell: A fascinating spot to enjoy a lunch picnic accommodating one of their few picnic tables and is a right spot to catch the sunset.

Mozart’s Coffee: This place is also the ideal place offering a great view of the best sunsets in Austin Tx and is also a splendid place to read, work and rejuvenate watching the beautiful sunset.

Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge: A very nice place to view and dog watch, besides it offers awesome views of the skyline.

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse: The best sunset in Austin Tx is assured from this place. You can enjoy a great view in association with fantastic mashed potatoes. The live music and the view are great, but with one glance of the sunset in Austin, you get transformed into its beauty.

(Pennybacker Bridge) 360 Bridge: You can climb the Northwest side cliffs. Before the bridge, an off-road parking area is found; you may park your vehicle and climb the semi-hidden trail to enjoy the Austin sunset, view of the lake or even watch stars at night.

Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge: This Bridge overlooks the town lake, the bats and sunset. The best bat watching may be in august. Apart from this it is well-known for its being the best sunset point.

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk Trail: This Boardwalk is a recent opening providing a view over the lake and not to miss the skyline spectacular views including the Austin sunset.

To see the city, book a luxury car or limo on rental in advance. This offers you the chance to relax and enjoy all the must see points and you can drive home without any worry.