Bachelorette Party – Austin / Lake Travis Yacht Boat Rental

Lake Travis Yacht Rental: The Perfect Idea for a Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Party - Bachelorette Party - Austin / Lake Travis Yacht Boat RentalAustin is an awesome party venue in its own right, but even all the nightlife can get boring, be tiring and make you want to try something different and new. Instead of just trying to book an expensive private room at a club where you are forced to order bottle service, why not try a bachelorette party in a more “fun in the sun” setting like a Lake Travis private yacht rental?

Choosing a Lake Travis Yacht Rental to celebrate a bachelorette party is perfect, for a lot of reasons:

  • You can rent out the whole boat and invite whomever you would like.
  • You have your own private party, take over the yacht with only people you know. No dealing with others in a bar or restaurant.
  • You get to make a day of it, and rent our yacht for as long as you want.
  • You can enjoy drinks, music and food all over Lake Travis without ever having to pack up or worry about transportation.
  • You can opt for a many different of packages that let you experience anything you can think of, from relaxing on an island to just cruising the water.

Bachelorette Party - Bachelorette Party - Austin / Lake Travis Yacht Boat RentalIt’s easy to get a yacht rental set up for your bachelorette party.  It’s all about planning ahead. First you should think about how many people you are looking to invite; our maximum for bachelorette parties is 20 .

You should also set up travel. If you are already from the Austin area, that makes things a lot simpler. But if you plan on traveling from out of state, you should get your rental settled for within the week you plan to be in Austin, as well as inform your girl friends that they’ll need to make travel plans.

Once you’ve decided on a day, you’ll want to consider other options. Do you want to kick back and just enjoy some lounging in your bathing suits and taking in the sun? Or do you want an array of food and some great music to dance on deck to? Maybe checking in with your girls would be a great way to get an overall idea of what everyone would like out of their yacht rental.

The awesome thing about Lake Travis Yachts rentals is that you don’t have to stay in one place. You can head out on Lake Travis or you can cruise over to a destination and get some beach or club time. If you plan on an evening rental, it might be smart to cruise to a restaurant along the waterway and grab some dinner or finish up the party there.

With so many options, why would you have just a boring bachelorette party at a crowded bar or mediocre club? Having your own space on the gorgeous Lake Travis is as unique an experience that everyone will remember. It’s all about celebrating getting married as well as your last moments single, so why not make it a boat party?

If you would like more information on an Ultimate Bachelorette Party on a Private Yacht Rental in Austin for up to 20 guests, please inquire at: